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real hamster, real talk.

one of my favorite dreams in a long ass time tho shit was fun as hell 10/10

had a dream my city was being attacked and everyone had to evacuate and everyone had to stay in giant shelters and everyone was terrified except this 1 girl who was hitting on me and then i fingered her for like half an hour

crazy shit 1 minute im running for my life the next im finger fucking this hot ass chick for days what a wild dream

i got drunk as hell tonight and fell asleep in my car in the bar parking lot then threw up it was great 10/10

follow 4 follow if u agree crunchy peanut butter better than weak ass creamy

follow me on Instagram my username is the same KK thx

a fuckboy on his deathbed

haha then what(:

how do fuckboys even get laid when 87% of their vocabulary is haha, sexy, and (:

my dad made tacos that’s pretty chill

why the hell did I have to finally watch the last episode of dexter that shit just fucked me up

just remembered that I set up my dick as one of my finger prints on my phone while drunk one night. i can unlock my phone with my dick head. 2014 is amazing

travel channel is basically food network 2.0 nowadays what the hell happened to all the channels I used to love

the best advice i can give anyone is dont go on a plane hungover. god

a new digimon fighting game????? bruh

im getting drunk at the drive in theater i guess that’s cool

drove to the drive in theater only to remember my radio doesnt work so i cant listen to the movie. now what