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real hamster, real talk.

TV in my room has been on all day literally every day playing nothing but the simpsons since the every episode marathon started. i don’t remember regular television life anymore

knee caps are weird as shit

EA access is an incredible deal fuck sony for taking that opportunity away from playstation owners real talk

mario kart 8 dlc in november and may??? hell yeah fucking right



feels guy punk edit


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guy at work was just like “nice haircut dude right on” and I was like “thx”

I didn’t get a haircut

the older seasons of the simpsons are so dang good what the heck happened to this show later on

fuckin idiot

fuckin idiot

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my brother just tried calling the whole ferguson thing going on stupid because a white girl was raped and killed by 2 black men a couple years ago and no one protested. Okay brother so just because a protest didn’t happen for a specific occurrence that means any future protests are immediately wrong and bad and hypocritical. Okay.

and he also tried justifying cops aiming loaded rifles at people because of alleged rocks thrown

still tryna figure out why my 28 year old brother watches icarly

literally almost hit a lil tiny kid with my car wasn’t even my fault I was turning into an apartment complex and he just jumped out from behind stuff in front of me. the look on his face tho

have to be at work in an hour and a half and im finally getting tired again hahahaha fuck life

Went to bed at 10 cuz I gotta wake up at 3:30 for work

Body woke me up at 1:30 instead and been up ever since

Pissed as fuck bruh


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'W' actually is a vowel in some words tho