real hamster, real talk.

ive spent like $2000 on video game stuff since december lol

an anime featuring girls with pig tails and unusually long legs wearing skirts gushing over boys with medium length hair who play soccer that jog away from each scene after talking

video game console fanboys are the worst kind of fanboys possible. stay away from them please i beg you for your own good

parakeets in snapbacks 

why the hell did i get 2 crunchwrap supremes i cant eat 2 of these at once am i retarded

how Taco Bell just make me 2 crunchwrap supremes in 15 seconds I don’t trust these mufuckas

adult life is exciting because i do everything i did as a teenager just now with the added guilt of not feeling productive

just remembered i had a dream about taco bell this morning. now i want taco bell. fairly sure taco bell is advertising to me in my sleep. brb taco bell

taco bell

if you actually think about it babies r us is the stupidest fucking sounding name for a store ever


i haven’t been to subway in 2 years cos the woman went “what bread do you want” and i went “yeah”

2014 is a really good year for video games fuck ive spent so much money this year on games and still have a lot more to spend

Sleepy time farewell

if you want a giant pillow of yourself just get a life size pillow of futurama boy

you only got ONE sandwich for lunch???? damn u michelle obama damn u to heck where r my fruit rollups and large portion of french fries and my unusually large slice of pizza

you remind me of that human boy from Futurama