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real hamster, real talk.
excuse me where can I find the greeting cards

excuse me where can I find the greeting cards

who are u people

why the fuck am I awake

I have arrived in Dallas

bought a gas station egg salad sandwich on a road trip

feeling risky

sitting in the car for ~9 hours today hope i see a ufo

why is mcdonalds still asking “boy or girl?” when it comes to happy meals tho

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im going to dallas, texas this week


I Turned 16 Long Time Ago

why do i constantly see posts about copying homework? shut the hell up and do your own homework son college is gonna fuck u up otherwise

just found out one of my relatives who’s 13 years old is 6 foot 2

fuck off

why is North Korea always attacking the sea

i wonder how many bronies are in the military fighting for our freedom

just went through my drafts. so happy that some of the things i typed in there never got posted. still annoyed i ever typed them though. 2012 eric needs to be forgottenĀ